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Hangout with an Inventor (and Build Some Cool Stuff!)

Join our next Google+ Hangout as NG Explorer TH Culhane shows you how to build three different types of motors and generators with materials mostly found at home, Monday, December 3rd at 1:00pm ET.

Artists Make Music You Can See and Touch

When it comes to modern music, listening is only half the experience. From MTV special effects eye-candy to this year’s audio/tactile winner of the Google Science Fair, sound has become something not only to hear, but to see and touch. Youth Radio invited sound artist Sudhu Tewari to our studios for an exciting Brains and Beakers event…

Searching For Sunken Treasure, Discovering a DIY Community

When James Cameron plunged to the bottom of the Marina Trench in his sleek, $8 million submarine, it heralded a new age of underwater exploration. But the deep sea isn’t the only aquatic frontier left to explore. Around the world, there are countless undersea caves, flooded mine shafts and other underwater tight spots that have remained off limits to divers because they’re too narrow or dangerous to navigate. And happily, the right craft for the job probably isn’t a multi-million-dollar submersible, but something so accessible you can make it yourself.

Maker Lab Teaches Rockets, Circuits, and Soldering

Bicycle pump-powered rockets, lunch box speakers, and paper airplanes are just a few of the projects students have tackled in an after-school program launched by MAKE, a leader in the DIY movement that celebrates the “right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your will.”