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Protecting Our Waterways from Plastic Pollution Starts with Your Straw

The following is a blog post by Garrett Johnson, stewardship specialist for conservation partnerships and programs at Shedd Aquarium. “Only within the moment of time . . . has one species — man — acquired significant power to alter the nature of the world.” Rachel Carson’s poignant words spurred the environmental movement of the 1960’s. When…

Our Ocean’s Future In An Era of Change

Imagine you live on the East Coast.  NOAA—the federal agency that tracks hurricanes—has spotted a tropical storm brewing in the mid-Atlantic. Over the next few days, the storm develops into a Category 5 monster.  NOAA’s best available forecasts show a possible landfall across over 600 miles of US coastline – and your town has a…

“Return to Paradise” Film Premiere in Palau on Earth Day

It was standing room only by the time the film got rolling on Earth Day last Wednesday night for the premier screening of “Return to Paradise” at the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center in Koror, Palau. The President, ministers, governors, women’s network members, families, tourists and other members of the Palauan community packed the house in anticipation…

This Earth Day, Let’s Talk About Crowdsourcing the Future

By Eric W. Sanderson

For too long the environmental movement has emphasized what we are against: killing whales, polluting the air, cutting down the rainforest. This Earth Day let’s declare what we stand for. Let’s come together to crowdsource the future.

Earth Day Is Every Day in Palau

This week, I have traveled thousands of miles to the small Pacific island nation of Palau to celebrate Earth Day with its conservation-minded people.

Palau: Leading by Example

If there is one country that leads by example, it’s Palau. This is a strong country, one that was a battleground for World War II, it has survived typhoons and earthquakes, and still the Palauans persevere. While their culture shows some Western influence, Palauan traditions remain steadfast. They thrive in one of the most beautiful,…

America Resilient

Since we last celebrated Earth Day a year ago, 29 states have experienced 99 Federal disaster declarations. Fires, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, and tornadoes have devastated the United States, causing billions of dollars of damage, destroying thousands of homes, and up-ending people’s lives.

Earth Day Opinion: Helping Coral Ecosystems Survive a Changing Climate

With corals across the globe bleaching due to advancing ocean temperatures, many of the world’s coral reef experts believe these centers of marine biodiversity may become the first casualty of climate change. But while the news on corals has been largely grim, it is not beyond hope.

Saving Lives, Livelihoods, and Life

By Harold E. Varmus, Director of the U.S. National Cancer Institute; and Robert D. Hormats, Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment For many people, the term biodiversity might seem highly technical and irrelevant to their day to day concerns. If you think that, think again. It may just save your life.…

Earth Day Hangout Kicks Off Week-Long Series

Following April 22nd’s kick-off Earth Day Hangout on Air, National Geographic will launch of series of daily Hangouts- each one tackling a key environmental issue.

Hangout Underwater in the Great Barrier Reef

This Earth Day, National Geographic is teaming up with NASA and Catlin Seaview Survey to bring you a Google+ Hangout that explores the land, sea, and sky.

At the Epicenter of Danger: Chasing ‘Super Storms’

This Earth Day, National Geographic is teaming up with NASA and Catlin Seaview Survey to bring you a Google+ Hangout that explores the land, sea, and sky.

Hangout With Explorers of Land, Sea, and Sky on Earth Day

This Earth Day, National Geographic is teaming up with NASA and Catlin Seaview Survey to explore the land, sea, and sky

Can This Book Help You Change the World? It’s a Start

Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century Alex Steffen, Editor Earth Day is upon us once again and with it come all the resolutions about living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.  Switch out your old incandescent lightbulbs with CFLs?  Check.  Recycle your cans and bottles?  Check.  Trade in those plastic grocery bags for reusable totes? …

The “Greatest Nature Photographs of All Time”

A polar bear dance, a doomed thresher shark, and a crowd of giant tortoises gathered at dawn in the Galapagos are just a few of the stunning images that have been selected as the Top 40 Nature Photographs of all time to celebrate the inaugural Green Auction on the 40th annual Earth Day this April…