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3-Foot-Long Earthworms Get a Boost in Australia

The dwindling giant Gippsland earthworm is getting a new lease on life as part of an innovative farming program in Australia.

Newly Discovered Earthworms: Freshwater Species of the Week

As any gardener or farmer should be able to tell you, earthworms can play an important role in ecosystems, by churning up soils, leaving copious amounts of nutrient-rich waste, and serving as food for a wide range of wildlife. Many young students dissect earthworms in biology 101, but there is still a lot we don’t…

Worms and Superworms: More Than Fish Food

Photo courtesy USDA The earthworm is a lowly animal, we might think. To some people its primary function is fishing bait. But the more we study earthworms the more we find how diverse and complex they are. And they may be doing a lot more for us than we know. On Planet Earthworm there was…