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November 24, 2013: Hanging From Antarctic Cliffs, Living With Wolves and More

This week, we live for days hanging from an Antarctic cliff in high winds, then we join a Mexican circus, live with wolves for six years, and crush six tons of ivory.

Step Right Up, for Emily Ainsworth’s “Worlds Apart”

From running away with the Mexican circus to sambaing through Carnival in Rio de Janeiro to exploring an Indian magician’s village, Emily Ainsworth will share her adventures in worlds vastly different from our own.

Behind the Mexican Circus with Young Explorer Emily Ainsworth

Through her Young Explorer’s Grant, Emily was able to photograph seven different circuses around Mexico City—Circo Hermanos Vazquez, Circo Atayde, and American Circus to name a few. Read more about her adventurers with dancers, ringers, exotic animals, and the opportunity of a lifetime to preform along side them.

Meet NG Young Explorers

While famous figures continue to make discoveries and lead thrilling expeditions, a new group of National Geographic Young Explorers are laying the foundations for the future. If you’re in D.C., join us at Headquarters this Friday to meet Shannon Switzer, Neil Losin, and Emily Ainsworth.