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Reaching the Last Speakers of Japan’s Ancient Languages

Japan is home to a dozen ancient languages at risk of disappearing forever. A new translation of K. David Harrison’s “The Last Speakers” could help tip the scales in their favor.

Cultural Revival in Europe’s Only Buddhist Region

The Enduring Voices Project strives to preserve endangered languages by identifying language hotspots—the places on our planet with the most unique, poorly understood, or threatened indigenous languages—and documenting the languages and cultures within them. By K. David Harrison of the Enduring Voices Project During the past week the Enduring Voices team visited the Republic of…

Linguists Discuss ‘Hidden’ Koro Language, Search for Last Speakers

Linguists working in India’s remote Arunachal Pradesh state have uncovered the hidden Koro language, which was previously undocumented and unknown to science. In an exclusive interview, they describe Koro’s survival, the Enduring Voices Project’s search for last speakers, and their efforts to promote humanity’s threatened linguistic diversity. By Ford Cochran Yesterday, linguists and National Geographic…