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Manx: How a Unique Island Got Its Voice Back

Celebrate the successful revival of the Isle of Man’s ancient tongue as UNESCO marks International Mother Language Day.

Two Traditional Languages Evade Extinction With the Internet

The Enduring Voices Project helps save two traditional languages from being erased with the power of the internet.

Crowdsourcing Subtitles for Endangered Languages

Viki, the crowdsourced subtitling website, teams with the Living Tongues Institute to give endangered languages new life and attractiveness for new generations.

Ancient Traditions, Modern Celebration

Modern practitioners of the ancient healing ceremonies of the Kallawaya people of South America offer blessings for the United States on the Fourth of July at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington D.C.

Remote Cultures Come Face to Face in Washington D.C.

Artists, craft-makers, and thinkers from little-known cultures around the world share ideas and inspiration at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington D.C.

A Festival for the World’s Rarest Languages

Speakers from remote villages around the globe gather to be celebrated at the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C.

NG Explorers Help Record Xyzyl Language

The Enduring Voices team reports back on the Xyzyl (pronounced “hizzle”) language from the Republic of Xakasia northwest of Mongolia.

One More Endangered Language Falls Silent

News of the death of Boa Sr in India’s Andaman Islands—and with her the Bo language, of which Boa was the last known speaker—has focused media attention on humanity’s fast-vanishing endangered languages. The loss comes on the eve of the tenth anniversary of UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day this Sunday. “We imagine eureka moments taking…

Conservation in the 21st Century

More memorable moments from the 2009 Explorers Symposium: Linguists David Harrison and Greg Anderson discuss their work on the Enduring Voices project. “We’ve been out taking the pulse of some of the world’s smallest and most endangered languages,” says Harrison. “I love to think of our work as a kind of time travel. We get…