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Top 15 STEM Toys for 2017

As parents we many times feel overwhelmed with all the advertisements and options for buying young kids the best presents. How can you find something that will be fun for kids, while helping them grow in educational and productive ways? As the father of a new baby girl, I’ve realized how difficult these questions can…

He Builds Space Robots for a Living

As a mechanical engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Kobie Boykins has the awesome privilege of building stuff, only to blast it millions of miles away into space at thousands of miles an hour. He goes into work every day with the enviable job of revealing the remarkable mysteries of our universe, and as part of that mission, he’s…

Hands-on STEM Learning: Northern Skies Observatory

A seventh grader sitting at the computer control desk at an observatory in a small Vermont town comments to her fellow student: “I can’t believe I am in charge of this telescope!” The 17-inch PlaneWave reflecting telescope, complete with its supporting state-of-the-art equipment and robotic software, was displaying images of a galaxy 2.3 million light-years…

February 23, 2014: Cycling to the South Pole, Saving India’s Killer Tigers and More

Join radio host Boyd Matson every week for adventure, conservation and green science. This week they endure a 750-mile bike ride from Antarctica’s coast to the South Pole, explore the sonic wonders of the world, explain the Yukon’s modern-day gold rush, fly south for the winter with snowy owls, empower Bolivia’s rural citizens to protect their corner of the world, kayak the length of the Colorado and Green Rivers, recover from unpleasant tropical parasites, advocate for tigers and humans when species clash in India, track Turkey’s bears by cellphone.

5 Animals That Are Awesome Architects

From dams to nests to body armor, these feats of animal ingenuity will blow your mind—and perhaps inspire you to get up off that couch.

November 24, 2013: Hanging From Antarctic Cliffs, Living With Wolves and More

This week, we live for days hanging from an Antarctic cliff in high winds, then we join a Mexican circus, live with wolves for six years, and crush six tons of ivory.

Dreams of the World: From Fighter Pilot to Drone Advocate

  Dreams of the World: One Dream a Time. This post is the latest in the series Dreams of the World, which profiles interesting people Kike meets during his travels. Drones and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Series.  ¨I have many dreams. I dream that I can help this nation make the leap to the Jetson’s age, in terms of the…

The Drop Cam Project – An Exploration Science Initiative

The Drop Cam Project – An Exploration Science Initiative (DAY 1 ) The University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy, in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, has created a new “Exploration Science™” Program.   The Drop Cam Project is among the first…

George Melville: A Survivor, A Rescuer, A National Geographic Founder

In 1879, National Geographic founder George Melville boarded a ship called the Jeannette for what would become one of the epic stories in early American Arctic exploration. The men on the expedition hoped to find a warm current that might take them to the North Pole; instead the ship was caught in the polar ice pack and drifted nearly two years before it was crushed.

India’s Massive Blackout, and the Environmental Danger to Come

Forces that have been bridling against environmental regulations and science-based activism may use the India’s Great Power Outage as a cudgel to demolish future restraints on dam construction, coal mining, and other projects.

So You’ve Got the Guts to Go to Mars–But Do You Have the Brains?

Since posting last week about volunteers for a one-way trip to Mars, several of you have written in asking where to sign up. Planetary scientist Pascal Lee at Haughton Crater, Devon Island, wearing the upper torso of an advanced space-exploration concept suit (color-enhanced image). —Photograph courtesy NASA Haughton-Mars Project/Pascal Lee Hearing your comments and suggested…

Carbonated Mars

Today folks using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter announced the discovery of a mineral called magnesium carbonate on Mars. —Image courtesy NASA/JPL/JHUAPL/MSSS/Brown University At first blush this seems like a pretty dry finding [pardon the pun]. What is a carbonate, and why should I care, you might ask. When I tell you that it’s a mineral…