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Why Tearjerkers Cheer Us up

As strange as it sounds, there may be nothing so good as a sad movie to lift your spirits.

“That’s not fair!” says the toddler. And she should know…

Spend enough time with children and you’re sure to hear them blurt out a tearful, “That’s not fair!” And, as it turns out, children develop a sense of fairness even before they can speak in complete sentences.

Selfishness? There’s an App for That

Do cellphones make people selfish? If you’ve ever had to shush a garrulous iPhone user in the seat next to you at the movie theater, the answer may seem obvious. And now, a new study confirms our phone fears.

Simple Names Are Better When It Comes To Getting Ahead

What your parents choose to call you may influence your life long after grade school is over. A new study has found that people with simple names are more likely to be promoted at work than those with names that are more difficult to say

The Upside to Embarrassment

Blushing’s not so bad. A recent study by psychologists found that people who are easily embarrassed are more likely to be trusted than individuals who are harder to fluster.

Video From the Field: Anolemageddon!

NG Young Explorer Neil Losin reveals the method behind the madness of his latest experiment catching tiny lizards called anoles in the wilds of urban Florida.

NASA’s O/OREOS Dunking Bacteria in Space Rays

Today NASA officials announced that a tiny satellite launched last week has started conducting astrobiology experiments in low-Earth orbit. —Image courtesy NASA No bigger than a bread box, the Organism/Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses, or O/OREOS, satellite lifted off from the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska on November 19 aboard a U.S. Air Force rocket.…

Biofuels in Space! Or, What the Heck is Microgravity?

MICROGRAVITY Function: noun Etymology: micr- + gravity : a condition in space in which only minuscule gravitational forces are experienced : virtual absence of gravity ; broadly : WEIGHTLESSNESS —via Merriam-Webster Just as black holes do not suck, there is technically no such thing as zero gravity in low-Earth orbit. Earth’s gravitational influence, after all,…

Tracking a Mars Rover

—Image courtesy NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Those of you who think it’s cool to drill into Google Maps and find, for example, your car sitting in your driveway, probably know that it’s all about coming to a resolution. The higher a camera’s resolution, the more details you can capture in a single image, and the deeper…