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‘Clockwork Lion’ in London Cries, “Time Is Running Out for Big Cats”

That’s the message of a new statue in Trafalgar Square, commissioned by Nat Geo Wild and about to be auctioned to raise money for National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.

World Wildlife Day: How 10 National Geographic Explorers Are Making a Difference

Stressed animals find new habitats, baby animals have a better chance for survival, and the world keeps its natural heritage alive thanks in part to the feats these Explorers perform every day.

Meet Explorers on All 7 Continents

Join some of National Geographic’s biggest names in exploration and innovation Sunday, January 13th for our most epic Google+ Hangout to date.

July 29, 2012: Adventures of “Jungle” Jack Hanna, Forest Fires Threaten Homes, and More

This week on “National Geographic Weekend,” join host Boyd Matson as we pepper spray a bear in Glacier National Park, survive Colorado’s largest forest fire, ride along America’s “Enchanted Highway”, dive for three thousand year old wrecked ships in Turkey, meet Botswana’s Unlikely Leopard, park a $2.5 billion vehicle at 13,000 miles per hour on Mars, eat red beans and rice in New Orleans, and learn America’s dying languages.

2012 Explorers Symposium Sneak Peek

For one week every year, instead of sending explorers out into the world we gather them back to National Geographic Headquarters to report back and cultivate new ideas. Follow along and add your voice to the conversation!

Latest NG Expedition Announced: Voyage to Pitcairn

In 1790 the mutineers of the HMS Bounty took refuge on tiny Pitcairn Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Only a few of their descendants still live there today, making the area one of the least inhabited places in the world. Join us this March and April as National Geographic explores the land and waters of Pitcairn, revealing one of the most untouched undersea environments left on Earth.

An Honor of “Titanic” Proportions

Two outstanding explorers — filmmaker and alternative-energy proponent James Cameron and marine ecologist Enric Sala — are the National Geographic Society’s newest Explorers-in-Residence. Both were honored today at a special gathering of National Geographic’s top explorers at Society headquarters. Explorers-in-Residence are some of the world’s preeminent explorers and scientists and represent a broad range of…

Zahi Hawass Vows to Stay On as Egypt’s Antiquities Chief

Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s Minister of State for Antiquity Affairs, said on his blog today that accusations against him of inappropriate or even illegal behavior had convinced him to stay in office, “so that I can continue to do everything in my power to protect Egypt’s cultural heritage.” Hawass added: “I have written to Egypt’s attorney…

Uganda Ends Sport Hunting as Wildlife Numbers Decline

Investors in sport hunting in Uganda’s game parks have up to January next year to stop shooting wild animals for fun, The Uganda news site The New Vision reported recently. According to The New Vision: “This follows a resolution from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to cancel hunting concessions offered years ago to the wildlife…