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Tadpole Sees Through Eyeball on Its Tail

Tadpoles bred with eyes surgically implanted in their tails still see—a novel discovery that could help the blind, a new study says.

August 5, 2012: Speed Scaling El Capitan, Teaching Women to Film in Afghanistan, and More

This week on “National Geographic Weekend,” join host Boyd Matson as we set a speed record on Yellowstone’s El Capitan, help Native North Americans rediscover their culture and tell their own stories, save physics with LSD, survey the wreckage of Japan’s tsunami on Washington’s coast, walk the length of the Andes, start a revolution in the Middle East by using photography, speak the language of London’s east side, and find America’s best beaches.

Neglected Orion Nebula: A Cosmic Bat?

Today the European Southern Observatory in Chile released a stunning new picture of NGC 1788, a ghostly little nebula in the Orion constellation. For backyard astronomers, the object can be spotted just a wee bit away from the bright stars in the Hunter’s belt. —Image courtesy ESO This “hidden gem” is what’s known as a…

Venus Is Boiling, Odd Dark Spots Suggest

Unless you live underground or in a very cloudy part of the world, it was pretty hard to miss the crazy conjunction of Venus and Jupiter Monday night that, when joined by the crescent moon, smiled on one side of Earth while frowning on the other. But as millions of skywatchers reveled in that display,…