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Information as aid in East Africa’s famine

In any emergency, be it natural disaster or man-made, long- or short-term, people’s lives are turned upside down. Knowing what’s happening, where to go for assistance and who to call for help is crucial to their survival and recovery. As famine is declared in six regions of neighbouring Somalia, this edition of Digital Diversity highlights…

With K’naan in Somalia (Part 2): Photo Blog of World’s Largest Refugee Camp

In a second post from Somalia, Sol Guy tells how he and Somali-born rapper K’naan found themselves in Daadab, the world largest refugee camp. “The more I walked in the camp, the more it felt like a jail without bars,” he writes. K’naan’s business partner and manager, Sol Guy is also a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. He and K’naan visited Somalia to raise awareness of the plight of millions of people starving in the country.

With K’naan in Somalia: Photos from the Edge

Poet, rapper and songwriter K’naan has returned to Somalia for the first time since he fled his native land with his family in 1991. Traveling with Sol Guy, his business partner and manager (and National Geographic Emerging Explorer), his mission is to help raise awareness (and relief funding) for millions of starving people.

Famine in Somalia

The UN has declared a famine in southern Somalia. How did Somalia become a failed state, and are we facing a perpetual global food crisis? Revisit National Geographic articles for some answers.

Drip Irrigation to Solve Famine in the Sahel?

Local vegetable markets in Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Senegal, could be flush with produce, despite drought conditions, thanks to a new agricultural system that combines efficient irrigation with new varieties of plants, according to scientists speaking today at the African Green Revolution Forum in Accra, Ghana. (News via press release.)   Drought has plagued…