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Food, Fuel, Medicine, Wrinkle Reducer: Algae Does It All

You know what there’s really plenty of in the sea? Algae. And I am in love with them. Most people envision algae as slimy, possibly toxic, green scum. But this diverse group of fast-growing aquatic plants is about to undergo an image makeover, and may soon seem flat-out glamorous. Algae got a lot of excited…

The 35 Year Barracuda Fishing Record

This app project is an incredible idea brought to life. There’s a saying “it’s easy to talk about conservation with a full stomach”.

Obama Gives Bristol Bay Fishermen A Great Christmas Present!

By Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown Last month, President Obama used his executive power to protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay from future oil and gas drilling. Bristol Bay is a 52,000 square mile area (roughly the size of Florida), north of the Aleutian Islands that the largest surviving salmon populations on Earth swim through on their…

Is Your Salmon Small Because of Hungry Cavemen?

Stone Age fishermen in northern Spain selected the biggest whoppers, leaving us with a smaller catch, a new study claims.

Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay: When Partnerships Work

By Bob Vanasse Too often, environmental groups, regulators and fishermen find themselves cast in antagonistic roles on marine issues. Prolonged legal and regulatory battles frequently top headlines, while successful conservation partnerships go unheralded. The Chesapeake Bay, long plagued by problems like pollution and runoff, is benefitting from one such partnership. Regional fishermen, government agencies and environmental…

Healthy Seas and Healthy Communities: The People of Honduras’ Mesoamerican Reef

International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) Fellow Karen Kasmauski travels to the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras with partners from the Centro de Estudios Marinos Honduras (CEM). The region is part of the Mesoamerican Reef, a marine region extending along the Caribbean coast of Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. Ecological pressures to the area, including population, overfishing, pollution and climate change have affected the reef. These pressures have stressed fishing communities all along the coast of these Central American countries. Fishermen have to stay out longer and travel farther to match the number of fish caught in previous years.

Streamers: A Win-Win for Seabirds and Fishermen

By Nicole Perman Until recently, it seemed as though the short-tailed albatross would not be able to escape extinction.  These endangered seabirds have been threatened first by hunting, and more recently by overfishing in the North Pacific and Bering Seas, and by their less-than-ideal primary breeding ground – a small volcanically active island called Tori-shima,…

Blue Halo Barbuda: Using the Ocean Without Using it Up

As is easy to do, I have fallen in love with Barbuda. It’s magical. The community, the beaches, the children, the tranquility, the seafood, the ingenuity. But from photographs and stories, it’s clear that when you literally dive beneath the surface, Barbuda is not as magnificent underwater as it once was, or as it could…

Text Message Saves Trapped Whale Shark

A text message saves a young whale shark that got tangled in a fishing net off the coast of Indonesia in the Java sea.

Mobile Apps: A Path Back to Traditional Fishing Knowledge

By Tim Welch In the Solomon Islands, the older fishermen are impressive in their ability to fish the reefs. Keen knowledge of the currents, the moon phases, and the behavior of certain species inform their strategy each day. Many of the fishermen, however, have been around long enough to recognize that the fish they rely…

Sneaky Sea Lion Snatches Fish From Fisherman’s Hands

A funny viral video shows a resourceful sea lion take a fisherman’s catch for an easy meal.

I’ll Have the Gulf Red Snapper, Please

By Timothy Fitzgerald I’m thrilled to report that Gulf of Mexico red snapper got a little less “red” today. That’s because our partners at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program – the most well-known sustainable seafood program in the United States – announced that they’ve removed the commercial fishery for Gulf of Mexico red…

Fair Fish: San Francisco Fishermen Shake Up the Docks With Community Model

By Ed Backus Northern California’s salmon season is in full swing and on San Francisco’s Pier 45, a two-year-old fishermen’s cooperative, the San Francisco Community Fishing Association, is upending a fishing industry dominated by 800-pound gorillas and consolidation. The co-op is moving tens of thousands of pounds of members’ salmon directly out onto the market,…

Listen to Your Elders: Wisdom from Papa Joe, Barbuda’s Oldest Fisherman

This past weekend I spent an afternoon with Barbudan fisherman Josiah “Papa Joe” Deazle and his family. 82 years old, still fishing, lucid, and so wise. I interviewed him as part of the Waitt Foundation’s Barbuda Ocean Initiative, and it was an honor. He was in the midst of his children and grandchildren who jogged his memory and…

Adaptability 1–Detailed Itinerary 0

Abandoning the detailed itinerary she went in with, a young researcher learns to adapt to local conditions as she interviews traditional Guatemalan fishermen.