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Along the Rio Grande, An Innovative Water Market Restores Riverside Habitat

With rivers in the American Southwest dammed, diverted, drought-stricken and running dry, their fate is increasingly in human hands. Now, in the southern portion of the Rio Grande in New Mexico, a unique partnership of irrigators, government agencies and conservationists is returning some water to the river’s floodplain – and to the native trees, songbirds,…

Okavango Expedition 2013: Knee Deep in Swamp For Three Days…

  Too tired to write a post… Been lost all day, no birds in the swamps, and spent almost 10 hours today towing “mokoros” through papyrus and reeds. Follow our footsteps at intotheokavango.org Full update tomorrow on how the research is going…   Powered by sat4rent.co.za, digitalpeppa.co.za, Suunto and wildbirdtrust.com