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Death by Tourism

The U.N.’s announcement last week that 2017 will be the Year of Sustainable Tourism raises a question: How much tourism is, in fact, already unsustainable?

Medici Prince Appeals for Help: “Save Florence!”

The aristocratic Medici family helped create the Florence of the Renaissance. Now an angry Medici prince wants international help to save it from neglect and mass tourism overload. And, yes, he still wants you to visit, provided you stay a while.

Florens 2012: Cultural and Environmental Heritage Week

Florens is a biannual international cultural forum aimed at sharing and debating cultural and environmental heritage and its economic implications. The forum features international speakers, seminars, plenary and breakout sessions covering the broad issues around culture and the environment. Terry Garcia, executive vice president for Mission Programs for the National Geographic Society, is on the…

Revealing the Secrets of Brunelleschi’s Dome

After decades of investigation into the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, professor Massimo Ricci will present his findings in a live press conference. Send in your questions and watch live Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 3pm ET (8pm UT).