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Mystery Solved? How Birds Weather Turbulence

When turbulence hits, flying birds can’t fasten their seatbelts—so at least one species of eagle tucks its wings to stabilize flight, a new study says.

Ask Your Weird Animal Questions: Half-Colored Cardinal Explained

How does a bird get split into two colors? What happens to a wasp on your windshield? We answer your questions on winged wonders in this week’s column.

Mystery Solved: Why Flies Are So Hard to Swat

Flies on the wing react to threats like fighter jets, banking away in a fraction of the blink of an eye, a new study says.

How Snakes Fly UFO-Style

Scientists have discovered how reptiles can fly: They twist their bodies into an S shape that resembles an alien’s flying saucer from the side.

How Do Spiders Fly for Miles? Mystery Solved

Gossamer spiders use an electrostatic charge to leap into the air and fly for miles, a new study says.

Behind the Lens, Above the Ground with Photographer Dave Showalter

Go behind the lens and above the ground with photographer Dave Showalter as he reveals the hidden meanings behind aerial images he made on LightHawk flights.