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Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore on a bold new plan for a green and resilient future

By Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney This week, the City of Sydney agreed on ambitious new targets for 50 per cent of electricity used in the local area to come from renewable energy by 2030, and for net zero emissions by 2050. We have already committed to our long-term vision, Sustainable Sydney 2030, a program to…

A Retrofuturistic Train Journey to Explore America’s New Frontiers

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Tomorrow, a group of 25 millennial pioneers will embark on a retrofuturistic, crowdfunded train journey across America known as the Millennial Trains Project. Along the way, they will meet with local innovators, grow as leaders, and build trans-regional perspectives relating to their personal, professional, and creative interests. Instead of buying souvenirs, they will use 3D…

Touring the Hospital of Tomorrow

From: Top Masters in Healthcare (Click the image above for a larger version) Hospitals in the developed world rely on increasingly advanced technology, which is helping practitioners to treat a wide range of maladies and extend our lives. Of course, technology is often a double-bladed sword. New genetics tests can help screen for metabolic disorders that…