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Wildlife SOS & Friendicoes SECA Save A Mule from Flooding in Northern India with Rescue Helicopter

Although continuing rainstorms during the monsoon season in Northern India, currently preclude search and recovery efforts for human bodies—some courageous Delhi-based animal rescue teams have saved the life of a single mule. Friendicoes SECA and Wildlife SOS, both animal welfare organizations, teamed up to help bring the mule to safety earlier this week. Stranded on…

Tragedy of the Once Common Rhesus Monkey: Wildlife SOS Conserves the Iconic Urban Primate

Contributing Editor Dr. Jordan Schaul examines the plight of the most wide-ranging, non-human primate on the planet—the rhesus monkey (aka the urban macaque). Included in this post are interviews with Wildlife SOS co-founder and professor Geeta Seshamani and distinguished wildlife biologist and professor Dr. Michael Hutchins. Last week, Wildlife SOS came to the rescue of another animal…