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Storytelling in a Slum’s Silicon Valley

“We have a different kind of Silicon Valley here,” Nawneet Ranjan explains. Founder of the Dharavi Diary: Slum and Rural Innovation Project, Ranjan tells how his students use storytelling, technology, and the power of their diversity to raise awareness and develop solutions for issues facing the Dharavi slum community in Mumbai, India.

Saudi Filmmaker Breaks New Ground With “Wadjda”

Haifaa al-Mansour, director of “Wadjda,” the first Saudi submission to the Academy Awards, talks about the challenges of working as a woman and a filmmaker in Saudi Arabia.

How a Tiny Critter Has Seven (Yes, Seven) Sexes

If you thought the battle of the sexes was chaotic, meet Tetrahymena thermophila, whose genetic mysteries are finally being revealed.