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Can Wild Monkeys Hang With Humans?

Are the macaques of Gibraltar just manipulating tourists for free handouts, or is there more to this interspecies relationship? National Geographic’s Kyler Abernathy finds out.

Relocation of the Last Colony of Endangered Barbary Apes on Display in a US Zoo?

The accredited Primate Rescue Center, a Kentucky wildlife sanctuary specializing in Old World primates, will soon care for a small troop of endangered naturally tailless Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) from the Las Vegas Zoo. The four monkeys were once claimed by the troubled roadside Las Vegas Zoo (AKA Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park) to be the…

Crittercam Tracking a Monkey Between Two Worlds

The Crittercam team is on the rock of Gibraltar, working with Dr. Agustin Fuentes of Notre Dame on a study of the legendary resident macaques.