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Google Street View Reveals Grand Canyon

You’ve used Google’s Street View to navigate unfamiliar cities. Now, you can use it to explore a river. Today, Google, in partnership with American Rivers, is launching the Colorado River Street View. The imagery features the iconic Grand Canyon — 286 miles of the river, from Lee’s Ferry to Pearce Ferry. It marks the first…

Guests Across The Globe: Six Months of 2013 NG Weekend Interviews

We’re halfway through the year and what better way to map our progress than to, well, map the many guests we’ve had on National Geographic Weekend since the ball dropped back in January?

Imaging the Earth by Kite

Google Earth Blog founder and editor Frank Taylor packed some high-tech toys for his five-year round-the-world sailing trip aboard the ship Tahina. Among them: A camera suspended beneath a kite for taking high-definition aerial photographs. While in the San Blas archipelago off Panama’s Caribbean coast in March, Taylor flew the kite above tiny BBQ Island—so-named…