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Journey Through the Largest Cave in the World

Sơn Đoòng Cave—the largest in the world—wasn’t discovered until 2009. Now, National Geographic grantee and photojournalist Martin Edström, takes us deep inside Sơn Đoòng, as he tries to capture its overwhelming size and beauty in 360 degrees.

Traveling for Good

Travelers aboard ships in the Lindblad Expeditions – National Geographic fleet are not just on an adventure of a lifetime, they’re making a positive difference in the communities and environments they visit. Guests who travel aboard the fleet are invited to join our joint conservation and stewardship efforts by contributing to the Lindblad-National Geographic Fund…

Giving to Something Bigger Than Ourselves on #GivingTuesday

National Geographic welcomes Giving Tuesday and its powerful message about the importance of giving back. Help give the next generation a better planet by supporting our mission today. Your donation will support grantees and explorers who are working to preserve species and habitats, protect cultures, and advance understanding of our world.

Big cats versus livestock – simple solutions reduce conflicts on Namibian farms

  The Big Cats Initiative Grants Program seeks to identify and support projects that engage in immediate actions leading to reductions in big cat mortality. BCI Grantees often provide updates from the field, and we love sharing them with you. BCI Grantee Florian Weise provides this dispatch from the field.   By Florian J. Weise,…

Young Explorers Savor Obscure Festivals

Some of the freshest faces at National Geographic are here at headquarters this weekend for a Young Explorers Grant workshop. Last night, NG Live hosted an event titled “Exploration: The Next Generation” with four up-and-coming Society grantees: Katherine Amato, a biologist studying howler monkeys in Mexico’s tropical forest; Pat Walters, a journalist who’s documented the…