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Shark Side of the Moon

  The behavior of many animals, including humans, are influenced by the cycle of the moon. For example, many fishes time their reproductive events with the full moon. Together with Chris & Monique Fallows, I have been fortunate enough to study predator-prey interactions between great white sharks and cape fur seals at Seal Island in…

Life with the Ocean: Sharks & Surfers

By now most of us have seen the incredible footage of pro-surfer Mick Fanning fending off what experts are saying was likely a great white shark in the J-Bay Open in South Africa. The video was dramatic, but thankfully Fanning and the shark both escaped the incident unharmed. I love sharks and I love to…

Ten Photos of Great White Sharks to Take Your Breath Away

Photographing and watching great white sharks for more than 20 years gives Chris and Monique Fallows front row seats on the amazing behavior, interactions, and secrets of these formidable predators that few people see. In this post they select ten of their favorite photos of great whites of the past two decades, describing the electric moment when each one was made, when all the conditions for a great picture came together as determined predator burst from the water in a violent chase of their agile prey.

Your Weird Animal Questions Answered: Biggest Great White Shark

In our weekly column, we tell you how spiders walk on water, how many teeth alligators have, and more.

Mexico is Saving Sharks While Australia Kills Them

There was great news out of Mexico this week when the Mexican government announced a permanent ban on fishing for great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias). The measure applies to national waters on both coasts and is notable because it means that white sharks caught accidentally – bycatch – by commercial or recreational fishermen must be…

Western Australia’s Controversial Shark Cull Claims First Casualty

The controversial program—meant to protect people on Western Australia beaches from shark attacks—claims its first shark fatality.

December 29, 2013: Rescuing Crocs, Navy Seals in Zoos, Swimming with Great Whites, Blackfish and More

Join host National Geographic Weekend host Boyd Matson and his guests as they try to save man-eating crocs from angry villagers, meet a retired Navy seal at Washington’s National Zoo, find out the dark secrets of performing orcas at Sea World, swim face to face with great white sharks, and survive avalanches by avoiding them.

Shark Declines: Fuel for a Decade of Conservation Effort

Shark Declines: Fuel for a Decade of Conservation Effort by Austin J. Gallagher & Neil Hammerschlag     Scientists have been studying the population status of sharks for years and while the vulnerability, threatened status and biological importance of sharks has long-been well-recognized and documented by the research community (1), ten years ago, shark conservation…

March 17, 2013: Getting Married at the North Pole, Cage-Free Swimming With Great Whites and More

On this week’s show, meet a woman who free-dives with great white sharks, a man who skied to the North Pole in the darkness of winter, and photographers who can turn such darkness into a colorful portrait of a world we can’t see.

NG Weekend: Tarzan and Jane

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio, host Boyd Matson speaks with guests about Congolese chimps, water awareness, living the green life, a 900-pound grizzly, frog romance, ecosystem restoration, great white sharks, the Jordan river, taking better snapshots, and climbing Kilimanjaro. Hour 1 Boyd welcomes the real-life Tarzan and Jane to the studio. WCS Conservation…