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BatCaver: Working to Protect North American Bats from White Nose Syndrome

By Cori Lausen

Bat Week culminates on Halloween this year. It’s a fitting opportunity to recognize how important these nocturnal flying animals are to our planet. The cave-dwelling mammals have been increasingly at risk from White Nose Syndrome, or WNS, a lethal malady has been spreading westward since its first occurrence in 2006.

The Darker Side of Black Licorice

Want to test your own knowledge of which candies have tested positive for lead? Check out the “Trick or Treat” app from the team at Youth Radio Interactive.  This Halloween, kids everywhere will be out trick or treating for candy. And while some might worry about the loot rotting our teeth, there’s another more potent risk. Traces…

“Chupacabra” Sighting: Truth Behind the Mythical Beasts

People in Mississippi have spotted a “chupacabra”—get the facts behind these mythical monsters.

Unveiling the Halloween Monster DNA in Everyone

For all the external adornments, Halloween costume-wearers will never really become the character without the monster mojo inside. But is it possible that they or you do indeed carry monster DNA?

8 of Nature’s Thirstiest Bloodsuckers

From insects to mammals to deepwater lurkers to even birds—in the spirit of Halloween, here’s our list of animals out for blood.

Geography in the News: Pumpkins

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM                             PUMPKINS: HALLOWEEN AND THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and pumpkins are already showing up at roadside stands. Jack o’lanterns, decorative displays and pumpkin pies are the main destinies of most pumpkins in the United States.…

Halloween Lobster Sports Orange and Black

  To celebrate the spooky season, the New England Aquarium revealed its latest acquisition: a half-orange, half-black “Halloween” lobster. Caught last week off the shores of Massachusetts, the one-pound, female lobster made her debut at the aquarium on Halloween 2012. A Lobster Named Pinchy Dana Duhaime, a lobsterman who hails from the appropriately “witchy” town…

Pumpkins for Halloween for Disney Animal Kingdom’s Wildlife

Disney’s Animal Kingdom joined a number of leading zoos today in treating their animals to Halloween pumpkin treats. The animals are entirely unaware of Halloween, of course, but their keepers seem to welcome any opportunity to have fun for themselves and visitors — while the animals no doubt welcome a change of diet and an…

Halloween Storm Freakiest Ever

If you can’t recall the last time such a bizarre snowstorm hit the northeastern U.S. in October, it’s not because your memory’s failing. The nor’easter that dumped snow from Virginia to Maine over the weekend—as much as 30 inches in some places—was something new.

Bats, Vultures and Owls Face More Tricks than Treats

As children prepare for their beloved Halloween trick-or-treat ritual, nature is playing tricks of its own with some of our autumnal holiday’s winged icons. Two expert conservationists with the Wildlife Conservation Society argue that to protect bats, owls, and vultures perhaps it’s time to give them some treats in the form of environmental and habitat protection.

Remembering Space Bat

It’s almost Halloween, and it’s almost the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery. These two events have me thinking about Space Bat. It’s been more than a year since Discovery lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with a small bat clinging to its external fuel tank. —Image courtesy NASA The animal, according to…

Frightful Halloween for North America’s Bats Stalked by Killer Fungus

As millions of people prepare for fun and a candy-overload this Halloween, bats will feature prominently in their plans for costumes and decor on Fright Night. But we should spare a thought for the flying, insectivorous mammals that play a critical role in the planet’s ecology. This Halloween is particularly scary for bat colonies in caves across North America. A deadly…

Halloween on Saturn

Dude. If NASA’s Cassini scientists don’t have to be substantive today, than neither do I. Is that Titan carved as a jack-o’-lantern? The Cassini spacecraft [with its familiar on board] wishes Earth a happy Halloween —Image courtesy NASA

Cassini to Collect Halloween Treats

The Cassini spacecraft will be trick-or-treating at Saturn‘s moon Enceladus this Friday, swooping in to snap as many images as possible of the unusual features known as tiger stripes that slash across the moon’s south pole. The maneuver builds on a very close flyby Cassini did earlier this month, which sent it deep into the…