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Big Data for Big Animals: Citizen Science Helps Mozambican Wildlife

I check the ‘Talk’ forum on WildCam Gorongosa every day to see what’s new. “Is this blurry antelope at night a bushbuck or a reedbuck?” This is a tough one even for the most expert ecologist. As a scientist who spent several years studying herbivores in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique,  I plan to chime in, but…

From Mega to Mini: Tracing Surprising Animal Connections

Two and a half years after my last stint living in Africa, I’m putting the large mammals aside to search for animals that are much smaller, but instill much fear in people around the world—bats.

The Cheetah, the Maasai & the Tourist

The wildebeest are on high alert.  Following their gaze I see two male cheetah staring back at them.  Their cover blown, one brother turns in the opposite direction to consider the nearby topi.  The topi are having none it.  They walk toward the cheetah, facing them down.  Between two herds of prey, the cheetah brothers…

Plants “Hear” Herbivores Coming—and Prepare

New research shows that plants ‘eavesdrop’ on their attackers to help defend themselves.

Caribbean Nations Must Think Bigger and Act Boldly and Soon to Sustain Ocean Resources

I was honored to be asked to speak at the Caribbean Challenge Initiative’s Summit of Political and Business Leaders, which took place in the British Virgin Islands May 17th and 18th. (See AP story for an overview of the event.) I spoke from the heart, and here is what I said: At the risk of…

Grand Cayman Tries to Eradicate Invasive Green Iguanas

Perched on a fence, glaring down from a shady palm tree or wriggling quickly across the road are the Cayman island’s most populous visitors: the green iguanas. These dinosaur-like lizards, native to Central and South America, have made Grand Cayman their home since the 1980’s, when they multiplied in the wild after they were brought over…