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Hippo vs. Elephant: Giants Face Off

What happens when a elephant crosses a hippo’s home turf?

June 30, 2013: Avoiding Hippos and Crocs, Racing Up (and Down) Mt. Rainier, and More

This week, we share stories of a few harrowing crossings: traversing the Okavango Delta on foot, skiing up and down Mount Rainier, and we leave tire tracks on Mars where we melt rocks for science.

Photos: Hot-Pink Slug And 5 Other Rosy Animals

The newly identified hot-pink slug is just one of nature’s rosy critters—check out a pink hippo, grasshopper, and more.

Bush Boyes on Expedition: Seronga to Jedibe Across the People’s Okavango…

The journey from Seronga to Jedibe takes us three to four days and poles the wetland bird survey through the unique aquatic habitats of the northern Okavango Delta with crystal clear water, vast reed and papyrus beds, the main rivers, expansive open floodplains, small, palm-covered islands, and beautiful, sparkling channels – you really get the…

South African gold industry leaves legacy of massive water contamination

By Leon Marshall This post is part of a special National Geographic news series on global water issues. Johannesburg, South Africa–The South African economy is substantially founded on gold. But now the ecological legacy of this great wealth is coming back to haunt the country and in particular its industrial capital of Johannesburg in a…

Restoration conservation thoughts on Earth Day

On Earth Day–April 22–we have a special opportunity to reflect on our shared home, the planet that gives and supports life to all of us and all other species. Humans have come a long way on this giant spinning rock hurtling through space–and we may still have a very long way to go. But we won’t…

Saying goodbye to Gertie, elderly zoo hippo

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo euthanized Gertie, a 47-year-old female hippopotamus, late yesterday, “due to physical decline from age-related osteoarthritis.” Despite medication, the geriatric hippo experienced intense generalized lameness, which seriously affected her mobility and compromised the quality of her life, the zoo said in information with the release of this photograph. Photo by Mat Hayward…