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Watch Raccoons Escape Trash Can—Are Urban Animals Getting Smarter?

A new video suggests that these “perfect little urban warriors” may be smarter than their rural kin, a scientist says.

The Science of Smart

Yesterday, National Geographic staffers were treated to special previews of upcoming programs on National Geographic Channel. One of the most exciting was upcoming episodes of Brain Games. The audience was thrilled by a series of new interactive puzzles from the show. I won’t give away the surprises, but it’s amazing how optical illusions can work…

Hyenas outperform chimps in solving problems requiring teamwork, tests prove

Social carnivores like spotted hyenas that hunt in packs may be good models for testing theories about the mechanisms of social learning and the evolution of intelligence, suggest scientists who tested hyenas with food-reward tasks that modeled group hunting strategies. Hyenas outperformed primates when it came to problems that required teamwork, the scientists found. Photo…