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Space Station Astronaut Photographs, Tweets Gaza Conflict

An astronaut tweeted his “saddest’ picture from space, of conflict on Earth.

Spot the Space Station From Dusk Till Dawn

Look, up in the sky. That unblinking white light is indeed the International Space Station.

Catch the Space Station This Week on TV and in the Skies Above

What’s it like to live and work in space? On Friday, March 14, at 8 p.m. EDT you will find out, thanks to an exciting two-hour live National Geographic TV Channel broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) and NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The National Geographic Channel, in partnership with NASA, are…

Hi-Def Space Selfies Coming To Your Web Browser Soon

Coming soon—take the ultimate selfie from space!   Two high-definition cameras are on their way now to the International Space Station. There, they will aim to revolutionize how we view our planet and ourselves. A Canadian-based company named UrtheCast will offer the world’s first near-live HD video and imagery of Earth from space, using the…

Nat Geo 125th Anniversary Celebration Reaches Space

Orbiting miles above the Earth, NASA astronaut Kevin Ford celebrates our shared passion for exploration and sends his best wishes for Nat Geo’s 125th anniversary.

Captain Kirk Virtually Beams up to Space Station

Looks like hailing frequencies were opened this week between Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek TV and movie franchise fame and the International Space Station orbiting Earth. William Shatner, the actor who played the captain of the starship Enterprise had a lively conversation today with astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently aboard the ISS. Shatner spoke by…

NASA’s New Station-Spotting Service

If you have ever thought it would be cool to watch the International Space Station in the sky, NASA is making it a lot easier to do just that. A new website sends alerts to skywatchers wanting to catch the space outpost flying over their backyard.

The Space Shuttle’s Last Night Launch

Colleague Susan Poulton traded D.C.’s blizzard of 2010 for a weekend in Florida, where she’s blogging the last planned night launch of the U.S. space shuttle. She’ll chronicle the full countdown on our Breaking Orbit blog. To kick off the series (and honor the space program), I’m reposting her first entry here on BlogWild… We’re…

In Space, Anyone Can Hear You Tweet

By James Robertson It seems like something the crew of the International Space Station should have had by now–access to the World Wide Web.  But now, after a software upgrade this week, the crew of the station can watch all the YouTube cat videos they want from miles above the Earth. The first thing astronaut…