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This Earth Day, Let’s Talk About Crowdsourcing the Future

By Eric W. Sanderson

For too long the environmental movement has emphasized what we are against: killing whales, polluting the air, cutting down the rainforest. This Earth Day let’s declare what we stand for. Let’s come together to crowdsource the future.

June 2, 2013: Skiing Down Everest, Chasing Ice (and Oscars), and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio show, host Boyd Matson chats with photographer Jimmy Chin about skiing down Everest while looking for the perfect picture, glacier explorer and photographer James Balog about documenting the rapid change in the planet’s frozen fields, “Jetman” Yves Rossy about strapping four jet engines to his back and jumping out of an airplane, and gear guru Steve Casimiro about what to bring camping for this summer.

10 Twitter Tips for Photographers and Artists

With each new day we are becoming photographers and artists who use more and more social networks, and in particular, many are beginning to enter the world of Twitter. Very simply, I wanted to focus on some ideas that might be interesting in your handling and positioning within this application that allows us to send messages…

Is Facebook Better Than Sex? Opinions Differ.

It’s a battle of the surveys, as one finds that Facebook and email are more irresistible than sex, while another asserts that sex offers far more happiness and pleasure than online pursuits.

Are Facebook and Internet Addictions Affecting Our Minds?

We recently learned that the teenage brain may develop through a unique pathway, which gives some parents reassurance that there may be some method to the seeming madness. But we also hear a lot of chatter about Internet addiction. If you or a loved one thinks there may be a problem, there is even an…

300 Years of Distance Learning

(Click to view larger) With the rapid advancement of the Internet, distance learning is becoming more popular, and more accessible, than ever. Even big-name institutions like Harvard are increasing their offerings of online-only instruction. Distance learning has been around for at least three centuries, as this infographic suggests, from humble beginnings to its modern delivery today.…

AuroraMAX: Live Video of Auroras, Direct From Canada

By Andrew Fazekas for Breaking Orbit For folks in the Northern Hemisphere, fall is the best time to see the magical displays of the aurora borealis, when nights can be set ablaze with colors as curtains of ghostly glows dance across the sky. (See new aurora pictures from an early September solar storm.) But unless…

In Space, Anyone Can Hear You Tweet

By James Robertson It seems like something the crew of the International Space Station should have had by now–access to the World Wide Web.  But now, after a software upgrade this week, the crew of the station can watch all the YouTube cat videos they want from miles above the Earth. The first thing astronaut…

Space Fans, Get Your Haiku On

When you ask a scientist why they chose their career, quite a few will cite some form of science fiction as an early inspiration. In turn, science fiction is often the source of some the most influential technologies now in use or being actively pursued in research labs. British novelist Arthur C. Clarke, for instance,…