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#okavango14: The First-Ever Live-Data Expedition Across the Okavango Delta

As the Okavango

Wilderness Cannot Be Restored Or Recreated. Only Destroyed.

“Wilderness cannot be restored or recreated. Only destroyed. We are just about to lose our last glimpses into prehistory that connect us to eternity and remember a time before modern man.” (Steve Boyes)

Into The Okavango: Unique View Into 2013 Okavango Expedition

In September 2013, we embarked on our most challenging crossing of the Okavango Delta… The research data set we achieved over 15 days and 338km using a bespoke Android App was the most comprehensive ever and was shared in real-time via an open API and up-to-date satellite image. This 10-minute video documents an impossible expedition across dry,…

TED/Okavango Update On Local Radio Station

Yesterday, just after 5pm during rush hour traffic across South Africa I answered two quick questions about being a 2014 TED Fellow and crossing the Okavango Delta without any assistance for the fourth time on the “Celebrity Express” with Catherine Grenfell on 5FM’s “Fresh Drive”. This is one of the most popular radio shows in South Africa…

Best Photographs: 2013 Okavango Expedition

Every year the Percy FitzPatrick Institute and Wild Bird Trust undertake the Okavango Wetland Bird Survey. This is a nine-year project that aims to use 71 wetland bird species as indicators of significant change in the flood regime and functioning of the Okavango Delta. The survey involves “poling” ourselves over 250 miles across this enigmatic…