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An Explorer’s Top 5 iPhone Apps for Adventure

National Geographic Young Explorer Jay Simpson shares his Top 5 iPhone Apps for Adventure— what are yours?

Visualizing the True Cost of an iPhone

Technology is often a double-bladed sword. It can enhance our lives in many amazing ways, of course, but it can also cause unintended consequences in the form of pollution, energy use, and inequality. The latest gadgets from Apple are no exception, especially when it comes to rare earth materials like coltan. This infographic provides a…

A Tribute to Steve Jobs

August 10, 2011. The Crystal Serenity, the cruise ship on which I was serving as a lecturer, was anchored in the French Riviera, off the coast of Cannes. Late at night I wandered into the computer lab where a roomful of 27″ iIMacs (68 cm) were fast asleep, their screen savers creating an eye catching…

Biodiversity needs you! And your iPhone.

  Our knowledge of biodiversity is not good. We don’t know the names of most species. For the ones that we do, we don’t know where they once lived, let alone where they live now. It’s even worse for species that are rare, for they may soon not live anywhere. Now, armed with your iPhone…