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What’s Lurking in Europe’s Freshwater?

An adventurer took water samples to test for microplastics while traveling through Slovenia and Italy—and the results are in.

September 21, 2014: Living At Sea for 3 Years, Uncovering The Largest Ever Carnivore and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they live on the world’s oceans for three years, create the largest marine protected area, road trip down a historical highway, protect power grids from hackers, eat our way through Rome, find the world’s meanest dinosaur ever, tear down dams, spy on cats, and teach our kids to be wild again.

September 14, 2014: Wiring an African Wilderness, Starting a Garbage-Fueled Country and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they discover a well-dressed Italian mummy, proclaim a nation devoted to garbage, find the perfect island, find new ways to survive cancer, explore the Okavango Delta for science, relate to a solitary blue whale, celebrate the Wilderness Act, and create a canine soup.

Legacy of Harry Jackson: the Preeminent Sculptor & Painter of the Wild West

Harry Jackson was born and raised in an era when people didn’t have the luxury to spend time emotionalizing. Instead, they just “sucked it up” for lack of a more congenial phrase. There was no such thing as entitlement. People just lived hard with strong determination, and some of them lived with great ambition. There…

August 4, 2013: Running 135 miles through Death Valley, Swimming with Navy Seals, and More

This week, we run 135-miles and gain 8,642 feet in altitude in a race through Death Valley, then we set a North American paragliding record, soaring 240 miles over eight hours, and finally, we meet a former Navy seal, living out her days eating fish and swimming for tourists at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

Colorful Photos From BioBlitz Italy

Renaissance-era flag throwers, a medieval castle, and lush wetlands set the scene for BioBlitz Italia, a world away from BioBlitz in Louisiana happening at the same time this weekend.

Meet the 2012 Young Laureates of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Five young men and women who embody the spirit of enterprise, the ideas and will to make the world a better place, were named today the 2012 Young Laureates of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. The awards carry more than a check for 50,000 Swiss francs (U.S.$54,000) and a Rolex chronometer; A jury of distinguished scientists, explorers, conservationists, doctors, educators and entrepreneurs from around the world recognized them as young people who exemplify hope for the future of humanity.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise Names 2012 Young Laureates

Swiss watchmaker Rolex announced five awards for Young Laureates at a press conference in New Delhi, India, today “to encourage leadership and excellence in the next generation and to acknowledge a surge of applications from young people for the Rolex Awards for Enterprise this year.”

Native American Exhibit Opens in Italy

Indicating just how richly layered the history of human culture is, a new exhibit of Native American culture has opened up, not in some midwestern U.S. metropolis, but in the small medieval Italian city of Pinerolo, near the border with France. The creators reveal their vision for the exhibit.

Distinguished Guests Join Quest for Leonardo’s Missing Masterpiece

Researchers looking for a missing masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci have been infected by what National Geographic photographer Dave Yoder calls the “Leonardo virus”—that fever to determine once and for all if one of his rare masterpieces (there are only some 15 authenticated Leonardo paintings in existence) remains behind a wall in the Florence City Hall.

In Search of Leonardo’s Lost Painting

Every night this week, a kind of slow-motion, yet fevered search unfolds, the culmination of a years-long effort to determine if Leonardo da Vinci’s “Battle of Anghiari,” last seen some 450 years ago, is hidden behind a fresco in Palazzo Vecchio, the City Hall of Florence, Italy.

Revealing the Secrets of Brunelleschi’s Dome

After decades of investigation into the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, professor Massimo Ricci will present his findings in a live press conference. Send in your questions and watch live Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 3pm ET (8pm UT).

Finding Wilderness in Europe with Bruno D’Amicis

“Very few people know of the existence of true wilderness in Europe and even less understand the very strict, but necessary, conservation measures needed to protect this lingering natural heritage” – Bruno D’Amicis

Overfishing 101: Getting Serious About Illegal Tuna Fishing in the Mediterranean

Read the full “Overfishing 101” series here. Driftnets sound relatively harmless as a fishing method. But as any marine biologist will tell you, this gear threatens ocean wildlife. At its November meeting, however, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) could take steps to enforce current international prohibitions on the usage of this damaging…

In Cod We Trust

Scoff not at the cod with its whiskered chin, its wide-eyed look of perpetual surprise, its mottled brown sides the color of North Sea Crude. There are homelier fish, to be sure, but looks aren’t everything. Dried to leathery hardness, reconstituted by soaking in water for three days, simmered in a pot for three or…