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Arctic Sea Monster’s Hips Don’t Lie

A new ichthyosaur species is described from the Cretaceous on Spitsbergen, and tell us about hip evolution in these fast-swimming marine reptiles.

Heaven Is a Hole of Dirt

In the final stretch of the season’s excavations, Tanja becomes super excited when she discovers a jaw piece of an Omphalosaurus—a strange reptile that would shock dentists round the world.

It’s a Nice Day for a Mud Wedding

What better place to say your vows than surrounded by your best friends and sea monster fossils on a nearly frozen island?

Another Hill Bites The Dust

Snow, rain and wind may break our bones, but will never defeat us. Every inch of shale we remove to uncover fossilised bones, is a small victory for science. New species and discoveries are hiding in the mountain and we are full of excitement. Excavating a 247 million year old bone bed can be challenging,…

Back In Black – Shales

Professor and Emerging Explorer Jørn Hurum and his team, has returned to the Norwegian Arctic to search for fossils of ancient marine reptiles. We are back in the black Triassic rocks for two weeks to find some sensationally new finds of animals that lived in the seas over 240 million years ago. By Aubrey J…

Prehistoric Sea Monsters Emerge From the Arctic Landscape

This has been a season of surprises. Findings we thought would be huge, turned out to be, well, nothing, while finds we thought would be small turned into major excavations!

Three Levels of Arctic Sea Monster Fossils Revealed

This year’s field season up in the Svalbard archipelago is revealing marine reptile fossils of different kinds spanning millions of years.

Munch’s “The Scream” Stolen From Face in a Rock?

An strange and anonymous donation to the University of Oslo reveals the original inspiration for one of the world’ most iconic images.

Explorer Allows Public Access to Results of Sea Monster Search

NG Emerging Explorer Jørn Hurum recently returned from an expedition to Spitsbergen Island in the Arctic Circle excavating the remains of ancient marine reptiles worthy of the most fantastic Norse legends. Now you can access the results of their search for free!

Spitsbergen Expedition: Grand Finale

After two weeks excavating ancient “sea monster” fossils above the Arctic Circle, NG Emerging Explorer Jørn Hurum and his team pull one last set of bones from the Earth and bid farewell to a site like none other.

Spitsbergen Expedition: Final Excavation

As the annual field expedition searching for Arctic sea monster fossils draws to a close, the team must decide which sites to excavate, and which to leave for future expeditions. And of course, there’s another snow storm to deal with.

Spitsbergen Expedition: Fossil Hunting in a Snow Storm

With limited time for the expedition, the team must continue the work searching for and excavating fossils despite the sudden arrival of a bitterly cold and wet Arctic snow storm.

Spitsbergen Expedition: Ancient “Flipper’s” Flipper

Excavations continue at Emerging Explorer Jørn Hurum’s fossil finding expedition, as the weather turns surprisingly warm, and the flipper of a dolphin-like ichthyosaur is revealed by a team member on video.

Spitsbergen Expedition: More Fossil Finds and a “How-To” Lesson

As the team hits the one-week mark, new discoveries continue to be made, and the team reveals how to plaster a fossil find. (Useful information to have, next time you’re digging through shale in the arctic.)

Spitsbergen Expedition: Animals Big and Small

A nearby polar bear puts the team on high-alert, as plesiosaur excavations continue, and sea urchin fossils are discovered just outside camp.