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James Cameron Gives DEEPSEA CHALLENGER Sub to Woods Hole

Filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence James Cameron made history one year ago when he became the first person to reach the bottom of the ocean by himself, in his high-tech sub DEEPSEA CHALLENGER (learn all about the groundbreaking project on the official website). To mark the one-year anniversary of that voyage, Cameron has now announced…

Meet Explorers on All 7 Continents

Join some of National Geographic’s biggest names in exploration and innovation Sunday, January 13th for our most epic Google+ Hangout to date.

2012 Explorer of the Year and Hubbard Medal Winners

Two of NG’s biggest awards were presented last night to one explorer who reached the bottom of the ocean, and another who stood at the top of the world.

Where is Challenger Deep?

James Cameron’s recent voyage to the bottom of the sea made headlines worldwide. As well it should have–Cameron is the first person to venture alone to the deepest known part of the world’s oceans. His “vertical torpedo” submersible dove nearly 11,000 meters to a place he described as “lunar” and “desolate”–a place often called Challenger…

Celebrated Filmmakers Killed in Australian Helicopter Crash

Two world-renowned filmmakers were killed in a helicopter crash in Australia on Saturday. Mike deGruy, a biologist and conservationist, and Andrew Wight, a pilot and underwater cave diver, were in Australia working with James Cameron and National Geographic on a documentary film. Cameron and National Geographic President Tim Kelly paid tribute in a news release.

It’s Like Coming Home, Says James Cameron

James Cameron tells Boyd Matson how making Hollywood blockbusters allows him follow his true passion of exploring and how becoming a NG Explorer feels like coming home. Listen to the interview.

An Honor of “Titanic” Proportions

Two outstanding explorers — filmmaker and alternative-energy proponent James Cameron and marine ecologist Enric Sala — are the National Geographic Society’s newest Explorers-in-Residence. Both were honored today at a special gathering of National Geographic’s top explorers at Society headquarters. Explorers-in-Residence are some of the world’s preeminent explorers and scientists and represent a broad range of…