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Saving Endangered Species and Our Planet

By Brian Sheth Conservation has always been a major part of my life. Growing up I revered leaders like famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and conservationist Jane Goodall, and I dreamed of becoming a marine biologist one day. Some of my fondest memories are of exploring the forests of New England with my childhood friend, Wes…

Weaving a Tapestry of Hope for Ocean and Earth

Negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris are culminating as ministers from nearly 200 countries work tirelessly to finalize an agreement that will influence the future of life on Earth. These high-level meetings on strategies to curb greenhouse gas emissions and enable poor countries to adapt to the impacts of global…

Jane Goodall 80th b’day Interview

Jane Goodall received her 1st research grant from National Geographic in 1961. She told me her work with chimps might never have continued past the first year without our continuing support. On the occasion of her 80th B’day she sat down with me for a conversation reflecting on her life as a pioneering primatologist &…

April 13, 2014: Cutting Cake with Jane Goodall, Saving Sparrows with Photography and More

Every week, embark with host Boyd Matson on an exploration of the latest discoveries and interviews with some of the most fascinating people on the planet, on National Geographic Weekend. Please check listings near you to find the best way to listen to National Geographic Weekend on radio, or listen below! Hour 1 – Dr. Jane Goodall pioneered studies that sought to understand…

Happy 80th Birthday, Jane Goodall, From Nat Geo Explorers!

National Geographic Explorers and staff share their thanks, best wishes, and favorite moments with Jane Goodall. Find out how you can, too!

Women Connect to Boost Resilience of Planet

By Jensine Larsen Women everywhere are claiming power and linking networks to restore the Earth and address climate change. They are harnessing digital media and in-person convenings to accelerate the movement, operating as an immune system to boost the Earth’s resilience.   It was that moment on stage when Jane Goodall turned to Vandana Shiva and…

Meet Explorers on All 7 Continents

Join some of National Geographic’s biggest names in exploration and innovation Sunday, January 13th for our most epic Google+ Hangout to date.

Jane Goodall Celebrates International Day of Peace

Jane Goodall realized early on that we won’t be able to take care of animals and the environment until we’re able to take care of each other. In that spirit, the Jane Goodall Institute is asking us all to make a pledge to cultivate peace in our daily lives throughout the year.

Jane Goodall Institute Honors National Geographic on 50th Anniversary of Gombe Chimp Research

Half a century after beginning her storied field research on the lives of Gombe’s chimpanzees, Jane Goodall and her non-profit institute have bestowed their Global Leadership Award on National Geographic, which funded much of her pioneering work. By Ford Cochran As celebrated in the October 2010 issue of National Geographic magazine, this year marks the…