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Afghanistan: Reaching In and Reaching Out

In this guest article, my former student from the University of Vermont, Ian Lynch, narrates his perspectives on Afghanistan’s future based on the past months he has spent in Kabul as a teacher for the School of Leadership (SOLA). Ian exemplifies the best of American youth who are trying to genuinely help rebuild Afghanistan despite…

Nat Geo Photographer Tells All About Buzkashi, the Afghan Sport Involving a Headless Goat (and the Subject of an Oscar-nommed Film)

In Buzkashi Boys, an Academy Award nominee for live action short film, two boys in Kabul dream of winning fame on horseback in Afghanistan’s aggressive national sport, buzkashi, where riders compete for control of the headless body of a goat. To learn more about this unusual sport, Pop Omnivore’s Brad Scriber talked with photographer Matthieu…