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Mysterious Bush Dogs to Be Bred: Behind the Elusive Species

They’re among the cutest ninjas in the wild world, but South America’s secretive bush dogs are under threat—and people are breeding them in an effort to help.

Closer Look: The Dog That Sniffs Scat for Science

Explorer and biologist Karen DeMatteo has a difficult job—searching for elusive and endangered species of wild cats and dogs. Her best tool? An obsessive dog with a fantastic nose. Check out the first video in the new “Closer Look” series- videos that bring the insider’s view to you.

Train the Scat-Sniffing Dog

Train the Chesapeake Bay retriever has a dirty job—finding the poop that Argentina’s forest carnivores have left behind.

Video: Dog Sniffs Out Mountain Lion Scat

National Geographic grantee Karen DeMatteo is turning an age-old rivalry on its head, using dogs to help protect cats in the wild.