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Ocean Education – Let the Games Begin

Co-authored by Stephanie Roach, Waitt Institute Program Manager The Waitt Institute team is made up of people who spent their childhoods playing at the beach, swimming in the calm turquoise Caribbean Sea, and learning about the amazing, diverse creatures that live beneath the surface. Each of us fell in love with the ocean at a young…

September 21, 2014: Living At Sea for 3 Years, Uncovering The Largest Ever Carnivore and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend radio, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they live on the world’s oceans for three years, create the largest marine protected area, road trip down a historical highway, protect power grids from hackers, eat our way through Rome, find the world’s meanest dinosaur ever, tear down dams, spy on cats, and teach our kids to be wild again.

How a Sports Club Is Changing Lives in South Africa

The loop of poverty and apathy persists in the townships of post-apartheid South Africa—but for some youth, there may be a way out.

In Hong Kong, Kids Take Action to Stop the Illegal Ivory Trade

Hong Kong schoolchildren are transforming attitudes about elephant ivory through small actions that are having a big impact.

Google Science Fair Winners Inspire!

From innovation in magnets to a new anti-flu medicine, this year’s exhibitors show how students are rising to the challenge of finding ways to change the world.

Marine Missions: Kids Help Clean Up the Ocean!

If you have a child ages 4-6, check out Marine Missions, a new National Science Foundation-funded app from National Geographic Kids. Designed to spark interest in and curiosity about our ocean, this app features a friendly hermit crab named Jacques who’s on a mission to clean up the ocean! Your young explorer and Jacques will explore the world’s map,…

America’s Youth Tells Starbucks to Say “No” to Palm Oil!

Did you know that the world’s orangutan population has declined by more than 50 percent since 1992? And did you know that this decline is largely due to loss of habitat, notably for the development of palm oil plantations? Because of our hunger for luxury items like baked goods and cosmetics, the loss of pristine…

Google Science Fair 2013 Launches Today

T.H. Culhane takes us inside the world’s biggest online science fair, and shares what it means to him to serve as a judge for it.

Poop Spitting Competition

Spitting impala poop is really an honest to goodness game in South Africa.

Google Science Fair Winners Announced

Last night at Google headquarters, some of the world’s smartest people gathered and most of them aren’t even old enough to drive.

Google Science Fair Finalists Named

Over the past two weeks, the judges of the 2011 Google Science Fair have been whittling down the list of 60 semifinalists to just 15 who will advance to compete for the ultimate prizes. All of the students’ entries “asked interesting questions, many focused on real-world problems and some produced groundbreaking science that challenged current…

Google Unveils Global Science Fair With National Geographic

National Geographic has joined Google, CERN, the LEGO Group, and Scientific American to launch a global online science competition for students ages 13 to 18: The Google Science Fair. By Ford Cochran The next generation’s Albert Einsteins and Marie Curies got a chance to jumpstart their careers this morning with the debut of the Google…

Jane of the Jungle Gym Blogs Green Again

National Geographic Little Kids blogger Jane of the Jungle Gym occasionally blogs about being a green mom, and here are some recent green-themed posts: Paper Cuts: Jane discusses ways to green your kids’ doodling. Gray Matter: Jane tackles those pesky gray hairs and green ways to get rid of them. Bye-Bye Plastic Bottles: Jane discusses…

Jane of the Jungle Gym Composts

Jane of the Jungle Gym, a blogger for National Geographic Little Kids, has a post up with tips on composting and getting kids interested in recycling.  Head over to her blog to read it! –James Robertson

Green Blogging from Jane of the Jungle Gym

We thought you might be interested in some recent posts by Jane Kim Gauger, a parenting blogger for National Geographic Little Kids who goes by the name “Jane of the Jungle Gym.” Jane has recently blogged about gardening, which you can also learn more about on our Gardening page. If you are a parent, head…