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4 Sky Events This Week: Moon Points to Crab and Leo’s Heart

A Lion’s Heart and some starry graveyards come this way for skywatchers.

5 Sky Events This Week: Milky Way Gems Sparkle While Venus Snuggles With Leo

A bright moon steers skywatchers to Milky Way wonders this week.

5 Sky Events of the Week: Stellar Peak-a-Boo and Leo Paws at the Moon

With a change of seasons only days away, mid-March skies offer celestial sights that even the novice stargazer will find easy to enjoy. Lunar rectangle. After nightfall on Monday, March 10, look for the waxing gibbous moon to form a corner of a rectangle with Jupiter and the Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, high in the southern…

5 Sky Events This Week: Mercury Rising, Moon Meets the Lion’s Heart

This week skywatchers get a chance to watch the moon strike a pose with bright stars while the most elusive of naked-eye planets puts on its best sky show of the year. Moon poses with Venus. About 30 minutes after sunset on Monday, June 10, skywatchers around the world can look towards the very low…

5 Sky Events This Week: Three-Planet Huddle, Lunar Wall

The lunar wall comes into view, three planets huddle, and the moon joins the Leo constellation in this week’s best sky events.

Night Sky News: Watch Moon meet Leo and Zodiacal Lights

For skywatchers willing to get up early, the next few mornings will be greeted by the crescent Moon pairing up with Mars and a stellar giant. First up on Sept.24 at dawn -about half hour before your local sunrise –  face the eastern sky and look for the crescent Moon, which will appear sandwiched between…