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Unraveling the mysteries of lightning

By Tess Lavezzi Light When thunderstorm season rolls around and lightning streaks the sky, we likely don’t ponder the mysteries it presents. Lightning seems to be one of those things we’ve got figured out. Didn’t we learn everything we need to know when Benjamin Franklin flew his kite on a stormy day in a Pennsylvania…

Watch Red Fireworks at the Edge of Space

Sky watchers should keep their eyes peeled for “sprites” atop thunderstorms this summer.

NG Weekend Reflects on Tim Samaras’ Life, Explorations as Storm Chaser

The death of Tim Samaras, famous storm chaser and National Geographic grantee, is saddening and surprising as National Geographic Weekend interviewed Samaras just hours before he died on Friday chasing a tornado in Oklahoma. Tim visited the show regularly over the years, including on our very first show.  In August 2007, Samaras was a guest…

The Stunning Tornado Videos of Storm Chaser Tim Samaras, Who Has Died

Storm chaser Tim Samaras was killed Friday doing what he loved: chasing tornadoes. He and his son Paul perished in the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado along with frequent partner on storm chasing adventures, photographer Carl Young. Samaras had a long relationship with National Geographic, providing some of our most memorable videos of storms. A week…

At the Epicenter of Danger: Chasing ‘Super Storms’

This Earth Day, National Geographic is teaming up with NASA and Catlin Seaview Survey to bring you a Google+ Hangout that explores the land, sea, and sky.

Newsflash: Lightning May Cause Headaches

Talk about shocking results: Lightning may contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines, a new study suggests.

August 12, 2012: Climbing an Electric Rock Face, Fishing in Alaskan Waterways, and More

This week on “National Geographic Weekend,” join host Boyd Matson as we wait out a storm near Mt. Kenya’s summit, add another branch to the human family tree, use the fastest camera on earth to record lightning, risk our lives for the sake of discovering butterflies, out fish Alaska’s grizzlies for salmon, give the gift of electric light using a disposable camera flash and discarded AAA batteries, ride a horse from Calgary to Sao Paulo, and find America’s wackiest roadside stops.

Explorer Takes a Break From Tornadoes to Chase Lightning

“We’re embarking on a new frontier” – Emerging Explorer Tim Samaras on he’s new plan to chase and photograph lightening in the Southwest.

Sun Storms: The Ultimate Homewreckers

I’ve been a baaaad blogger. Headed out to San Francisco for the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, I had grand ambitions of doing it all: writing stories, editing copy, meeting scientists, hobnobbing with other writers, and of course live blogging from the meeting. Life, it seems, had other plans. But never fear. Now…