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1Frame4Nature | Matthew Cicanese

I started out like most kids when I was young — with a thirst for adventure and an overflow of curiosity! Growing up with a woodland surrounding my house meant that on most days whenever I wasn’t playing video games I was exploring the great unknown of my Florida backyard. Catching bugs, green anoles (picture above), and snakes with my brother and sister was a way for us to learn about our world out in our own backyard. Being a deaf-blind (right ear/left eye) meningitis survivor has always presented challenges for me, but when I got my first camera at age 14, it opened an entirely new way for me to see and document the world, that paired perfectly with my strong interests in science and the environment.

The Mighty and Mysterious Mount Mabu

In the “sky island” forests of Mozambique’s mountains, researchers are discovering possible new species tucked away and isolated from the surrounding savannah.

Sky-Island Expedition in Mozambique Begins

Researchers set out to discover new reptiles and amphibians in the “sky island” forests of Mozambique.

Why Do Mysterious Lizards Have Green Blood?

A Papua New Guinea skink may have evolved toxic green blood to fend off malaria-carrying bacteria, a scientist suggests.

The Return of Grand Cayman’s Blue Iguana: From Near-Extinction to Endangered

In 2002, between 10-25 blue iguanas remained in the wild. Today, there are 750. By incubating eggs in his home office and gathering plants to feed the baby blues, Fred Burton and his team have brought back a species that was nearly extinct. While these 5-foot-long majestic creatures are still a rare sight, they are…

February 3, 2013: Paddle Boarding Down Waterfalls, Searching for Venomous Snakes, and More

Join National Geographic Weekend radio show this week, as we kayak off waterfalls, refuse to run from charging lions, and treat disease with venom from some of the most poisonous snakes around.

Drudgery and Dragons – Is “Housework” Fatal to Female Komodos?

An international team of researchers has found that female Komodo dragons are living half as long as males do. The reason? “Housework.” That’s right. Housework: The physically demanding tasks of building large nests, maintaining them, and guarding their eggs are shortening the lives of female Komodo dragons. Members of the research team come from Australia,…

Lizards Start Each Day With Vigorous Push-ups

Forest anoles on the Caribbean island Jamaica defend their territory at sunup and sundown with impressive displays of reptilian strength, including push-ups, head bobs, and threatening extensions of their dewlaps. “The lizards are the first animals known to mark dawn and dusk through visual displays, rather than the much better known chirping, tweeting, and other…