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Why Some Males Evolved to Be Small and Sneaky

Bigger males may get a lot of attention, but sometimes being smaller and having a different strategy is more successful when it comes to mating.

How Geckos Turn Their Stickiness On and Off

Geckos can turn their stickiness on and off by changing the angle of their toe hairs, a new study revealed.

Ask Your Weird Animal Questions: Reptiles

Reptiles may not be as cuddly as cats or as dutiful as dogs, but reptile people love their lizards, snakes, and turtles. This week Ask Your Weird Animal Questions slithers into the world of reptiles, starting with one reader who shelled out some great questions about turtles. Water turtles/terrapins: When they sleep at night, how…

Spider-Man Ready: 5 Animals That Regrow Parts

Regrowing body parts isn’t only the stuff of movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2—many animals regenerate to keep themselves alive.

New to Nat Geo: Ask Your Weird Animal Questions

In our inaugural column of Ask Your Weird Animal Questions, we tell you how a new species of tapir hid in plain sight and investigate a sighting of a two-horned lizard.

Surprise: Lizard Feeds Its Babies Feces

Talk about a crappy meal: The leopard tree iguana feeds her newborns feces, according to new research.

Rare Horned Lizards of Sri Lanka Revealed

The little-studied reptiles may use their strange horns to communicate with mates or rivals, new research suggests.

Male Lizards Less Attracted to “Bearded Ladies”

When it comes to choosing a mate, male lizards tend to go for more “feminine” females without blue necks, a new study says.

“Extinct” Pinocchio Lizard Found in Ecuador

It’s no lie—scientists have spotted a lizard whose males have noses like Pinocchio in the Amazon rain forest.

4 Weird Legless Lizard Species Found

Four new species of legless lizard have emerged from a railroad track, vacant city lots, oilfields, and even an airport runway, a new study says.

August 11, 2013: Holding our Breath in Underwater Caves, Biking Across Kyrgyzstan Mountains, and More

Join us this week, as we explore the labyrinth of underwater caves deep under Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for clues of its Mayan past, cycle solo through Central Asian mountain passes to climb remote peaks, and debunk American historical myths from the Wild West to the Surfin’ Safari.

(More!) Pink Grasshoppers, Plus the First Wild Bear Sighting

At the research site: More pink grasshoppers, invertebrates galore, a few lizards and the first wild bear sighting!

Anteater’s Surprise Pregnancy: Virgin Birth Explained

The mysterious arrival of a zoo anteater has some talking virgin birth, or parthenogenesis. See what other animals have babies without fathers.

The Lizard Quest

For the last few days Harith Farooq, a Mozambican scientist from the University of Lúrio in Pemba, and his colleague, MO Roedel from Berlin, two herpetologists participating in a biodiversity survey of the Cheringoma Plateau in Gorongosa National Park, have been trying to catch some of the many lizards found in the Nhagutua Gorge, the site of our first camp. Alas, the sneaky reptiles proved to be extremely difficult to catch by hand, which prompted Harith to come up with an alternative solution.

Edgar Lehr: Where No Biologist Has Gone Before

Get a first-person view of life in the field from amphibian and reptile biologist, Edgar Lehr exploring remote areas of Peru for new species of frogs and lizards.