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The 35 Year Barracuda Fishing Record

This app project is an incredible idea brought to life. There’s a saying “it’s easy to talk about conservation with a full stomach”.

Photographing the End of the Kreef

“It is currently estimated that numbers of rock lobster on the West Coast of South Africa are perilously low, at only three percent of their original pre-exploitation or pristine levels.” Conservation photographer and iLCP Fellow, Cheryl-Samantha Owen shares truths about how over-fishing and poaching has damaged the stock of these invaluable crustaceans. However, their demise, is not irreversible. Last year the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) downgraded the rock lobster’s status from green (go ahead – best choice) to orange (think twice about buying this species please).

How Did Odd Lobster Get Six Claws?

Lola, a lobster recently caught off Massachusetts with five claws on her left side, likely got her odd appearance due to a genetic glitch.

Assessing Barbuda’s Ecosystems – What’s Under the Water?

Before making changes to ocean management, it helps to know something about the status of living creatures and ecosystems you’re trying to use sustainably. So, nine marine biologists* (plus me makes ten) descended on Barbuda in May to conduct an ecological assessment of the fish, coral, lobster, conch, and water quality within 3 miles of…

Listen to Your Elders: Wisdom from Papa Joe, Barbuda’s Oldest Fisherman

This past weekend I spent an afternoon with Barbudan fisherman Josiah “Papa Joe” Deazle and his family. 82 years old, still fishing, lucid, and so wise. I interviewed him as part of the Waitt Foundation’s Barbuda Ocean Initiative, and it was an honor. He was in the midst of his children and grandchildren who jogged his memory and…

“My Village, My Lobster” Film Exposes Extreme Danger Behind a Favorite Seafood

My Village, My Lobster profiles the dangerous lives of those who dive for lobster off the Caribbean coast of Central America. The toll to put food on (mostly American) plates is considerable, as divers face death and disability from decompression sickness (the bends)–brought on by improper equipment and very long work hours.

Despite the risks, economic opportunities are scarce. Fortunately, there are also safer alternatives on the horizon.

Time for Honduras to End Scuba Diving for Lobster

Statistically, fishing is one of the world’s most dangerous professions and it is hard to imagine what could be worse than scuba diving for lobster along the remote and impoverished Miskito Coast of Honduras and Nicaragua (see Building a Sustainable Lobster Fishery Off Honduras). The dangers of this profession have been graphically documented by NBC News and…

Hope and Opportunity on the Beautiful Island of Barbuda

  This island grows and grows on me. It is my fourth trip to Barbuda (part of the country Antigua and Barbuda) in the last six months. I am here to launch a comprehensive ocean zoning initiative called Barbuda Blue Halo, an exciting collaboration between the local government and the Waitt Foundation with the goal…

Cannibal Lobsters!

  The humble Maine Lobster has been exposed as a cannibal. University of Maine graduate student Noah Oppenheim and advisor Dr. Rick Wahle presented work at “The American Lobster in a Changing Ecosystem” symposium in Portland, Maine this last week, that showed lobsters prey on themselves in the wild. This phenomena had been seen in…

“Cuba’s New Now” and the Oceans: Part II

November’s “National Geographic” cover story is about life in Cuba — but it’s also about the ocean. Explorer Clare Fieseler shares photos from the Cuban coast that help illuminate the human-ocean challenges embedded in the new article.

Halloween Lobster Sports Orange and Black

  To celebrate the spooky season, the New England Aquarium revealed its latest acquisition: a half-orange, half-black “Halloween” lobster. Caught last week off the shores of Massachusetts, the one-pound, female lobster made her debut at the aquarium on Halloween 2012. A Lobster Named Pinchy Dana Duhaime, a lobsterman who hails from the appropriately “witchy” town…