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Ask Your Weird Animal Questions: Can a Tortoise Live to 300?

We tell you if a tricentenarian tortoise is really possible, why lovebugs don’t get eaten, and why your cat loves a clean litter box.

Bernando LaPallo and the Recipe for a Long Life

Bernando Lapallo plans to celebrate his 113th birthday this year. The supercentenarian resident of Arizona lives to inspire people everywhere that they too can grow old, even very old, if only they live clean and healthy lives. “Bernando continues to shop for himself, cook, bathe, shave without any assistance from anyone to help him in…

Oldest-Known Wild Bear in the World Dies in Minnesota at Almost 40 Years of Age

The world’s oldest-known wild bear has died of natural causes in the Chippewa National forest near Marcell, which is about 28 miles north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Black bears range through much of the northeastern part of the state, which is comprised of mostly coniferous forest. The radio-collared female American black bear was known as…

How Did a Tortoise Survive 30 Years in a Box?

A Brazilian family recently found their long-lost pet tortoise in a box after 30 years. Find out how the reptile made it through the ordeal.

Secrets of the Happiest Places on Earth

Best-selling National Geographic author and speaker Dan Buettner shares the factors that boost quality of life in four of the happiest places on Earth. Photo of Dan Buettner courtesy Blue Zones By Ford Cochran For much of the last decade, Dan Buettner has traveled to the places where people live longest and where they claim…