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Pulling Secrets from Deep-sea, Drillbit-Eating Rocks

Hidden seafloor can harbor tales of volcanic explosions. But getting it to cough up some stories can lead to a butchered drill bit.

Xenoliths From the Mantle- Little Green Rocks From Deep Inside the Earth

Written by Kenneth W W Sims We are familiar with the geology we see on the surface of the Earth—the granite cliffs of Yosemite, the volcanoes of Hawaii, Yellowstone and Mount Saint Helens, or the red sandstone spires in the deserts of the American southwest. But what does deep inside of the Earth look like?…

Ich Liebe Planeten

Germany takes on the worlds this week, as the 3rd European Planetary Science Congress gets underway in Münster. Today’s cornucopia included a presentation from Gerhard Schmidt of the University of Mainz, who says that platinum rings come from outer space. More precisely, the idea is that platinum, gold, and other precious “iron-loving” metals were stripped…