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National Parks: Celebrating a Sentinel of American Memory

Krista Schlyer writes on the beauty and memory of National Parks. “It isn’t just beauty we see in these places, and in infinite others in the National Park System–it’s memory. Memory of another time, another life, when we lived in seamless connection to the system of nature. Written on this body of Earth is the prose of universal memory. We as humans are but a word of it.”

May 18, 2014: Kayaking from Australia to New Zealand, Exploring America by Night, and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson and his guests as they bicker at the South Pole, find the perfect pairing between beer and food, ride off into the Chilean sunset, solve the global malaria crisis, celebrate the desegregation of American public schools, tip our waiter, hunt for Sasquatch, and jog to save our memory.

Chimps, Orangutans Have Human-Like Memory

Primates can quickly recall something learned three years before, suggesting that memories are not uniquely human, a new study says.

Decapitated Worms Regrow Heads, Keep Old Memories

Worms that lose their heads and regrow them remember things from before decapitation—suggesting some memories are held in body tissue, a new study says.

Top 10 Headlines Today: Fish Use Sign Language, Flu Outbreak Mapped…

On our radar today: Predatory reef fish use sign language to communicate with fellow hunters, researchers have mapped the H7N9 avian flu outbreak’s current locations and its potential spread, and…

Mental Athletes Increase Brain Size in 15th US Memory Championship

Nelson Dellis left Saturday’s US Memory Championship with gold medals around his neck and a trophy in his hand. He had broken new records, memorized 303 random numbers in five minutes, and recited the order of two decks of cards. The second-time champion was living proof that a 28-year old with an average memory can…

A Gorilla Walks Into a Room . . .

Since 1989 more than 250 convicted criminals have been exonerated based on DNA evidence. About 75% of those exonerations came in cases where eyewitnesses had misidentified the subject or the events. Why are witness accounts so unreliable?

Walk Through a Door and Throw Memories out the Window

According to a new study, the simple act of walking through a doorway makes people more forgetful.

Pigeons Never Forget

It turns out that pigeons have an impressive ability to remember people’s faces, and aren’t fooled even when we change our clothes.

Voyager 2 Speaking in Code

NASA may have to bust out an Enigma Machine to figure out what’s going on with the Voyager 2 probe, the second most distant human-made object in space. Yesterday mission managers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena announced that the craft recently started sending back science data in a format no one on Earth…