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So What Happened With the Camelopardilid Meteors?

Space particles of the wrong size—too small—resulted in an underwhelming sky show.

5 Sky Events This Week: Jovian Shadows, Lunar X, and Lord of the Rings

Sky-watchers keeping an eye on the moon may spot a special lunar landmark this week, while Saturn, the magnificent ringed planet, appears at its best for 2014. Jovian moon shadows. On Monday, May 5, look for Jupiter, the giant planet, to hang low in the western horizon at night. High magnification through small backyard telescopes…

5 Sky Events This Week: Full Lunar Eclipse and Lord of the Rings

This is a big week even for the most amateur of sky-watchers, with a rare full lunar eclipse and Mars getting as close as it ever does to Earth. Moon shadow play. The moon will appear to be orange-red late Monday night and early Tuesday morning as it undergoes a total eclipse, the first visible…

6 Sky Events This Week: Perseids Peak, Cosmic Triangle and Rising Mars

This week, skywatchers will be spoiled with jam-packed skies: meteors raining down, a moon-planet-star triangle and a large asteroid flyby. Meteor Shower Peaks. The year’s best-known celestial event officially peaks at 6 p.m. GMT Monday, August 12, when the Perseid meteor shower will produce anywhere from 20 to 80 shooting stars per hour, depending on…

4 Sky Events This Week: Eagle’s Eye and Meteors Sprinkle

With the moon out of the sky for most of the week, skywatchers get to experience dark nights, perfect for exploring stellar giants and enjoying a sprinkle of shooting stars. Arcturus Shines:  Monday,  August 5, look west after nightfall for orange-hued Arcturus, the lead star in the kite-shaped, northern constellation Bootes (the herdsman).  At 37…

5 Sky Events This Week: Return of Venus, Solar Eclipse

Straggler meteors, a solar eclipse, and the return of Venus are among the best sky events to watch this week.

Reflective Geminid Meteors Timelapse on the Blue Ridge Parkway

A few weeks ago, I posted a gorgeous “dreamlapse” video that was made in Death Valley. Readers said they enjoyed it. Yesterday, I received an email from Daniel Lowe of Daniel Dragon Films. “I have something similar, done around the same time, but with more timelapse and startrails sequences,” Lowe wrote. He sent me a…