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Q&A: The Real Story of “The Incredible Dr. Pol”

Get behind the scenes of the show and find out why Dr. Pol says he will “die with his hand up the back of a cow.”

November 17, 2013: Horse-Riding Across Asia, Roadtripping America With a Canine Copilot and More

This week on National Geographic Weekend, join host Boyd Matson, as we ride 6,000 miles across Central Asia, collect chicken feces to protect bees from wasps, cycle across Iceland, ponder the moose’s plight, and drive to every state with a canine copilot.

Mastodon Tooth Turns Up Among Charity Items

Parts of an extinct animal called the mastodon have mysteriously turned up among donations to a religious charity.

Top 10 Headlines Today: Albino Gorilla Mystery, Mars Meteorite Discovery…

The top 10 stories on our radar today: Inbreeding led to rare albino gorilla, a Martian meteorite found in Antarctica may contain building blocks for life, and…

Rebirth of Lake Sturgeon: Freshwater Species of the Week

At a fish-rearing facility near Michigan‘s Kalamazoo River, I’m peering inside a big, water-filled tub at lake sturgeon eggs no bigger than BB pellets. Someday these will grow into the biggest fish in North America, but for now, they’re the precious cargo of a state program to bring these freshwater giants back to their native…

“North Country Dreamland” Shares Beauty of Lake Superior

I lived in Michigan as a child, and I spent many summer nights gazing at the dark sky. I also spent many happy hours making sand castles on the edges of the Great Lakes. In winter, I spent hours romping in the ample snow. Lisa Borre is also from Michigan originally, and she has been…

Breweries Raising Their Glasses to Clean Water

A new program is asking craft breweries to support the Clean Water Act by reducing their water use and recycling wastewater.