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Bugs and Spiders That Have Wreaked Havoc on Transportation

Toyota recalled hundreds of thousands of cars due to spider webs, but it’s not the first case of bugs and spiders tripping up transportation.

5 Animals With Stinky Defenses

Vomiting vultures and birds that smell like cow manure are just a few of the animals that use odors to keep predators at bay.

Jack Daniel’s Millipede Named

Here’s a discovery to raise your glass to—a new millipede named Scoterpes jackdanieli.

Glow-in-the-Dark Millipede Explained

To outwit predators, insects have evolved all sorts of defenses, from spraying noxious fluid to playing dead. A California millipede, as it turns out, just glows.

How Millipedes’ Legs Become Sex Members

Scientists have figured out how some species of millipedes can turn their legs into sex appendages, new research shows.

Largest Land-Dwelling “Bug” of All Time

The giant extinct invertebrate Arthropleura resembled some modern millipedes, but could grow to be more than one-and-a-half feet wide, and may sometimes have been more than six feet long. Reconstruction of the giant millipede Arthropleura from the Pennsylvanian and earliest Permian of North America and Europe. The head capsule (marked by an asterisk) is shown…