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7 More Bug Myths Squashed: Giant Killer Insects, Flesh-Eating Beetles

Can roaches really get stuck in your ear? Will scarab beetles really crawl into your body and eat you alive? We take on seven more bug myths suggested by our readers.

7 Bug and Spider Myths Squashed

How many spiders do we really eat in a year? Can cockroaches survive nuclear winter? What’s the difference between venomous and poisonous?

After The Dark World: What’s Next for Thor and His Hammer?

Anticipating another “Thor” movie, we asked a Scandinavian folklore expert to suggest what the Norse god of thunder might do next.

“Chupacabra” Sighting: Truth Behind the Mythical Beasts

People in Mississippi have spotted a “chupacabra”—get the facts behind these mythical monsters.

Why Black Holes Don’t Suck

In the world of science journalism, we writers and editors often walk along the edge of a very sharp sword. On one side lies the realm of Pure Accuracy, filled with semantics and pedantry and enough qualifiers to turn the discovery of giant squid fossils on Mars into a 40-page report on “the theoretical life-cycle…