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Your Best Names for the Odd Picket Fence Maker

From the Tom Sawyer spider to the flytrap fungus—see some of National Geographic readers’ name suggestions for what built a mysterious “picket fence” in the Amazon.

Simple Names Are Better When It Comes To Getting Ahead

What your parents choose to call you may influence your life long after grade school is over. A new study has found that people with simple names are more likely to be promoted at work than those with names that are more difficult to say

Weird & Wild: What’s in an (Animal) Name?

What’s in an animal’s scientific name? Tributes to dead presidents, professions of love, and sometimes even adolescent humor.

Mars Science Lab Team Picks “Fab Four”; Naming Contest Debuts

After what sounded like some pretty exhilarating deliberations back in September, JPL announced today the final four candidate sites for landing the Mars Science Lab, NASA’s next big rover bound for the red planet. Sayonara, Miyamoto. Farewell, Nili Fossae. And so long South Meridiani. These three of the seven under consideration were voted off the…

A Crater By Any Other Name

It’s been just over two weeks since the MESSENGER spacecraft swooped past Mercury during its second flyby of the innermost planet. Since the initial fervor, the MESSENGER team has been faithfully releasing images collected during the close encounter, some of which are providing data-hungry scientists with fodder for speculation about Mercury’s geologic processes. Today’s offering…